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Daas Center

Daas Center” is one of the largest international training centers for Torah-professions; a leader in the Torah-profession training field in Israel and around the world.


More than a decade ago when the Torah-profession training domain was minimal and undeveloped, many wished to attain expertise in a Torah-profession. That is when “Daas Center” was founded – the pioneer in the field. It was the first of its kind to offer Torah-profession courses, all on the most superior level.

As a center with thousands of satisfied graduates who enjoy being sought after in their profession and earn a good livelihood, “Daas Center” is currently considered the leading training center for Torah professions- in Israel as well as in major Charedi communities worldwide. It offers a variety of comprehensive Torah training courses on the most superior level of expertise taught in the world today. The graduates enjoy especially high employment rates, as they easily integrate and reach top-level positions in the field which they have chosen to learn.


The center has received the blessings of the Gedolei Hador Shlita and operates under their continual guidance. 

Why learn at Daas Center?
  • It is the top in the Torah-profession training field in Israel, the U.S. and England.
  • Has many years of experience in the "Torah-profession- training-turf".
  • The Rabbonim selected to teach at Daas Center are all Talmidei Chachamim and Yirei Shamayim with rich experience in the field, with no exceptions.
  • Full supervision of the Rabbonim in the various training departments.
  • The learning takes place in small groups only, enabling a personal relationship with the Rabbonim during and after the course and empowers the students with the ability to achieve their maximum capability.
  • Online International Beis Horaah offering Rabbinic response to Halachik Shealos.
  • Carefully chosen, serious and high-quality students
  • Personal support throughout the entire process- prompt assistance available at all times
  • Branch distribution throughout all of Israel, from the North and down to the South, as well as branches in the U.S. and England
  • Comprehensive, thorough and challenging learning program guaranteeing that you become the top in your field
  • Every test receives a double assessment ensuring the student's complete qualification before receiving the diploma!
  • Official ordination diplomas from Daas Center, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Mishmeres Stam, Yad Refael. And more…
  • Personal Employment Assistance
  • Highest Employment Rates!
  • Personal Guidance until success is reached!
Coming Soon
  • Increase in selection of available courses.
  • Rabbinic, Dayan and "Toen Rabbani" (Rabbinical Pleader) training courses opening soon.

Aspiring to Become the Very Best?

If you don’t want to settle for any less than the most comprehensive and thorough Torah-profession training, and if it is important to you to go out into the professional world with full self-confidence closely guided by the course’s Rabbonim who gladly invite any and all of your questions- then “Daas Center” is the place for you!


Daas Center’s prestigious Diploma will open up doors for you wherever you turn, placing you in high demand and giving you great Parnassa, Beezras Hashem!

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